Providing engineering and fabrication solutions

At PFWA we provide design, engineering and installation solutions. We are Australia’s leading manufacturer of Polypropylene Electrowinning Cells for the mining industry. Our wide array of capabilities serve the oil, gas, chemical, wastewater treatment, manufacturing, food and beverage and meat processing industries. We create comprehensive solutions for our global Client base. From initial consultation right through to after-sales service and monitoring, our one-stop-shop model provides our Clients with exceptional value for their investment. Additionally we manufacture bio-filter tanks, water storage tanks, chemical storage, process and mixing tanks, chemical dosing systems, bunds, liners, pipe spools, pump frames and guards, ducting, hoods, fans and custom equipment constructed from high-quality industrial thermoplastics. We are also approved suppliers to Watercorp in Western Australia and have held ISO 9001 accreditation since 1996.