OdaTech® offers odour control systems with very low life cycle costs for both above and below-ground applications and for treating varying gas flow volumes and odour concentrations.  Each system is custom-designed for specific applications to ensure a greater than 95% reduction in odorous gases.

Below Ground Solution: OdaVent®MHV

The OdaVent®MHV100 is an industry-leading compact, below-ground, modular biofiltration odour control system which is easily adapted to sites with limited space.  It can be installed unobtrusively in street verges and public open spaces adjacent to problem air-polluting manholes, sewage air-valves or pump stations or simply in areas where a hidden solution is more aesthetically desirable.  It can be offered as an entirely passive treatment system or force ventilated with virtually no maintenance costs.  Its modular design allows systems to be built with multiple connected units to treat gas flow rates of up to 600 cubic metres per hour.

In addition, OdaTech® is currently developing a new underground design which will allow for higher flow rates if required.


Above Ground Solution: OdaVent®SPSV

Utilising the same sustainable technology and patented design as the OdaVent® MHV, the SPSV module is OdaTech’s above-ground solution, specifically designed to treat and control odours at  higher flow rates.  The SPSV is entirely modular with multiple tank sizes available, and each module can treat up to 1000 cubic metres per hour of outlet gasses.  Both passive and ventilated solutions are available and depending on the inlet gas specifications, multiple tanks can be used in series or parallel with ventilating rates upto 8000 m3/hour to ensure hydrogen sulphide is reduced to virtually non-detectable levels.


Final Treatment: OdaCarb®

For solutions with very high hydrogen sulphide concentrations or when a completely negligible outlet concentration is required, such as a sewer facility located within metres of a residential area, an OdaCarb® unit is the ideal polishing solution.  Utilising the adsorbent properties of impregnated activated carbon and an innovative in-built moisture integrator, the OdaCarb® filter is an excellent final stage polishing treatment for specific applications and output air quality requirements.  Due to a major percentage (>95%) of the H2S gas being treated by the upstream OdaVent® SPSV biofilters, the OdaCarb® can operate for > 4 years without carbon replacement.