System Features

Engineered Biofilter Design

OdaTech® products fully comply with WSA 121-2004 Industry Standard for Biofilters for Odour Control.  The enclosed design allows for treatment conditions to be tightly controlled to avoid issues that traditionally arise with open-bed biofiltration, such as difficulty maintaining appropriate media water content, temperature and humidity levels.

Modular Design

The expandable and modular concept allows complete customised systems to be configured for various applications and removal efficiency expectations, ranging from 100 and 8000 m³/h. Future additions can be made to cope with variations in septicity and flow rates. The modular system consists of fully enclosed biofilters with a patented design which provides the best controlled environment for the long-term survival of the biologically active micro-organisms in the biomedia for their long term survival.

Environmentally Friendly

OdaTech’s biofiltration system utilises only biomedia, a custom blend of green materials, with no chemical or artificial additives. Biomedia requires infrequent replacement (every 2-5 years, depending on system loading), and is completely safe to handle, with no hazardous by-products formed as a result of the treatment process.

Other odour treatment solutions, such as odour masking, activated carbon and ultraviolet ionisation treatment have significant environmental impacts, such as hazardous by-products, use of chemicals and  high energy costs, in addition to much higher ongoing maintenance costs than OdaTech biofiltration systems.

Invisible Biofiltration Solutions

The OdaVent® MHV biofilter is an industry-leading, below-ground odour treatment system which can be installed unobtrusively in street verges or other areas with limited space, or simply where a more aesthetically pleasing solution is desirable.  OdaTech®MHVs can be configured to treat flow rates from 50 to 600 cubic metres per hour passively or force vented at discharge manholes, main sewers and other odorous sites.  The below-ground OdaVent® units are also ideal for venting and treating the foul gases discharged from air valves to prevent H2S induced concrete corrosion at air-valve locations and pressure main failures thus saving thousands of dollars in costly infrastructure repair and refurbishment.

Low Maintenance

OdaTech systems have very low maintenance requirements – biomedia requires replacement every two-to-five years. In addition, our systems are designed to have fall-backs to ensure constant odour treatment.  OdaTech’s specifically blended and optimised biomedia with our patented biofilter design ensures growth and long-term survival of the biologically active microorganisms in the biomedia to provide consistent and high odour removal performance.